Interview with Ciara Byrne | Green Our Planet, School Gardens, Obama Foundation Fellow, Food Justice

Season #1 Episode #15

Ciara Byrne is a documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur who set up and ran a film production company, Lion Television, with offices in LA and New York. During that time, she managed over 60 employees and produced hundreds of films a year for PBS, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, BBC, Fox, and E! A native of Dublin, Ireland, Ciara has traveled the world and decided it's her mission to leave a positive impact on the planet. Green Our Planet launched its Outdoor Garden Classroom STEM Program in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2013. The Outdoor Garden STEM Program helps public and private schools raise funding for outdoor school gardens and implements comprehensive programming so that students can learn a variety of subjects including STEM, nutrition, and conservation. Green Our Planet’s “turn-key” Outdoor Garden STEM Program is now the largest and one of the most comprehensive school garden programs offered in the United States. It is also the only school garden program in the United States accredited by STEMWORKS, a national organization that rigorously evaluates STEM programs using strict criteria and then recommends them nationally. 97% of the teachers who use the Green Our Planet school garden programs recommend them to other schools. Visit Green Our Planet online at ( Watch the Podcast on YouTube at Support this podcast