Compassion on a Global Scale with Cristina Gonzalez | Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast S3 E14

Season #3

Twenty years ago Cristina Gonzalez, founded Ezer ABP a volunteering center in Monterrey with the goal of nurturing a culture of service and training leaders to address issues of grave concern in the community. When she started Ezer, Cristina envisioned an army, the right kind of army, to serve people in need. Ezer ABP, best known as the “Volunteer’s home”, has franchised its model to the North (Chihuahua) and the south (Yucatan) of Mexico and now has 11 volunteering centers with around 18,000 volunteers bringing support to more than 384 NGOs. In 2003, she and a group of people founded Estima ABP, an organization that helps people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. In 2010, he founded and directed the FOMESUR social project in Galeana Nuevo Leon, in which for more than 5 years she rescued women from prostitution to integrate and train them in a maquila project on which they earned a regular income and could be close to their families. Cristina’s passion to be a servant leader is highlighted in her work as a counselor at Retos ABP, Misioneras Catequistas de los Pobres, Human Development Subcommittee of the Nuevo Leon Council, NGO’s Council of the Institute of the Youth of San Pedro, Delta Kappa Gamma chapter Nuevo Leon and a social activist of the O&O Academy in Mexico. She is a pioneer of the interreligious dialogue in Nuevo Leon and directed the first and second World Congress SER in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 became founder and director of Encuentro Mundial de Valores ABP, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote human values and intersectorial alliances for the development of community projects. She has 5 years leading “Compassionate Nuevo Leon” (Nuevo Leon por la Compasion) and celebrated 2 years on air with her radio program “Encuentro de Valores”. Cristina is an international speaker, a poet, and recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Cervantina. In addition to this endless list of service, Cristina has been the secretary to the International Charter for Compassion since 2018.