How Christian Bishop is Improving Performance Across the Spectrum | Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast with Will Rucker

Season #4

Las Vegas is always evolving. What began as a long distance gambling outpost is now a thriving metropolis fueled by the hospitality, technology, sports, and entertainment industries. The city will never stop changing, but to keep up with every evolution it needs leaders like Christian Bishop. A veteran of the video gaming industry with successful stints at Level 3 Communications, Time Warner, AT&T, and Thunder Gaming, where he developed the esports and gaming news program 4Cast.

Christian arrived in Las Vegas in 2018 as the Commissioner of the World Showdown of Esports for Estars Studios, an independent competitive gaming production company. Working in tandem with gaming titans Caesars and MGM Resorts International, he led the development of a studio at the center of the Strip to “produce premium content and showcase the best of Las Vegas to millions of people around the world.”

Today, Christian is now responsible for the sales and monetization of Twitch 1st and 3rd party properties serving as Amazon's Director of Twitch Properties. Senior leadership supporting the world’s largest brands and agencies. Twitch broadcasts to 140 million unique monthly visitors with over 10 million active streamers.

Through the gaming industry, Christian seeks to develop the foundation of a new online world, one that complements Las Vegas’ professional sports and entertainment offerings. “Combine the established spirit of innovation and entertainment that is synonymous with Las Vegas with a video gaming industry that drives more revenue than TV, film, and music combined, and all I can see is the tremendous opportunity,” Christian says.

Christian represents the diversity and inclusivity that he sees in today’s video gaming culture; one that brings people together regardless of race, religion, culture, or sexual preference. At the same time, he wants to combat the toxic aspects of gaming, notably the bullying, bigotry, and ignorance that ruin the experience for gamers. “This cold truth, and dealing with the toxic underbelly of online culture, is something I work hard to address every single day,” he explains.

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