Jeremiah Program: Disrupting Poverty and Empowering Single Moms with Maria Tucker

Season #5

Maria Tucker, Executive Director of the Jeremiah Program in Las Vegas, joins Will Rucker on Compassionate Las Vegas- The Podcast to discuss the program's transformative impact on the community. The Jeremiah Program works with single mothers and their children to disrupt the cycle of poverty through education. Maria shares her personal journey as a single mother and the power of education in changing lives. She emphasizes the importance of love, community, and compassion in fostering empowerment and self-love. Maria also highlights the achievements of the Jeremiah Program in its first year, including the partnership with Acelero Head Start and the ECE Fellowship for moms interested in early childhood education. She addresses the stigma associated with being a single mom and how the program provides a space for healing and empowerment. Maria emphasizes the need to recognize the systemic structures that reinforce poverty and advocates for policy changes to address these issues. She invites listeners to attend the Voices Rising event, where the program will honor two incredible women who have made a significant impact in the community.

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