The Therapeutic Power of Self-Love: Healing the Heart and Finding Love Within

Season #5

About The Guest: Tasha K is a certified love coach and restoration life coach. With a background in accounting and therapy, Tasha combines her skills to help individuals heal their hearts and cultivate self-love. She believes that love is a necessity and works to spread love and compassion to people all over the world.


Summary: Tasha K, a certified love coach and restoration life coach, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of compassion and self-love. She defines compassion as treating others the way you want to be treated and emphasizes the need to treat oneself with the same level of respect and understanding. Tasha shares her journey to becoming a love coach and explains that her goal is to help individuals repair and rebuild their hearts through self-love. She highlights the importance of forgiveness in the healing process and encourages listeners to practice self-reflection and self-love.


Key Takeaways: Compassion is treating others the way you want to be treated. Self-love is essential and the foundation for all other relationships. Forgiveness is a necessary step in the healing process. Practicing self-reflection and self-love can lead to a healthier and happier life.



"Compassion is the true meaning of treating others how you want to be treated." - Tasha K

"If we all operated on the level of compassion, it would make things smoother and alleviate conflict." - Tasha K

"Love yourself first, and everything else can flourish naturally." - Tasha K

"Forgiveness is the first hard step to healing." - Tasha K

"Being human is an experience, an energy, an expression, and it should be beautifully flawed." - Tasha K