Navigating Grief During the Holidays: Finding Joy and Gratitude with LeAnzar Stockley

Season #5

LeAnzar Stockley is a grief recovery specialist and the founder of Soul Society 61. He is certified in the evidence-based grief recovery program and helps individuals process their grief in a healthy and effective way. Summary: LeAnzar Stockley discusses the impact of the holiday season on grief and provides strategies for navigating through grief during this time. He emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to feel the emotions associated with grief and not suppressing them. LeAnzar also highlights the need for supportive relationships and offers advice on how to support someone who is grieving. He explains the difference between sympathy and compassion, and how compassion involves being present with someone in their grief rather than trying to fix or alleviate their pain. LeAnzar also explores the role of joy and gratitude in the grieving process, emphasizing that it is possible to experience both grief and gratitude simultaneously.

Key Takeaways:

It is important to allow oneself to feel the emotions associated with grief and not suppress them. Supportive relationships are crucial for navigating through grief, and it is important to let the person who is grieving lead the way in terms of what support they need. Compassion involves being present with someone in their grief, while sympathy often involves pity or feeling sorry for the person. Joy and gratitude can coexist with grief and can provide strength and support during the grieving process. "You can be grieving and grateful at the same time."