Tipping Points for Peace: How Small Actions Can Create Big Change with David Gershon

Season #6

About the Guest:

David Gershon, an esteemed founder of the Empowerment Institute, is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to advancing the global movement of peace and empowerment. Renowned for orchestrating an event that saw a symbolic flame traversed worldwide, David ignites a spirit of peace in the hearts of global citizens.

With an ambitious mission of achieving peace on earth by 2030 and an established strategy of seven steps to get there, he seeks to usher humanity into a golden age. Gershon has also authored transformational works such as Social Change 2.0 and co-created the institute alongside Gail Straub, contributing his expertise to sculpt a more harmonious world.

Episode Summary:

In this thought-provoking episode of Compassionate Las Vegas - the Podcast, host Will Rucker welcomes the return of David Gershon to delve deeper into his ambitious mission for global peace by 2030. The conversation opens with an inspiring vision: transitioning society towards a golden age built on principles of peace and community evolution, a concept David is fervently working towards actualizing. David Gershon unpacks a comprehensive peace-building framework known as the peace game, grounded in seven foundational practices.

Rooted in empowerment, the methodology is a system designed to evolve human consciousness from the individual level outwards. Gershon shares ingenious insights on these practices, emphasizing the transformation from static paradigms to organic growth, fostering a living, evolving community. The episode traverses the path from building individual capacity for peace to cultivating universal cooperation and sowing the seeds for a movement that can tip the scales toward global harmony.

Key Takeaways:

Empowering Vision: Gershon introduces a strategic shift from pathology to a vision-centric approach, with "empowerment" being the first and foundational step of the peace game.

Oneness and Unity: By befriending 'the other' and celebrating common humanity, the practices of oneness and unity break down barriers and encourage inclusive environments.

Economic and Social Tipping Points: The peace game envisions 40 million global participants by 2030 - a tipping point that can radically change collective belief systems and social norms.

Supporting Abundance and Love: Contributions towards groups facilitating harmony bolster a spirit of abundance, while prayers and visualization for peace amplify spiritual energy.

Faith and Mobilization: Faith in the collective capacity for change culminates in inviting others to join the peace game, thus building a movement toward the envisioned golden age.


David Gershon's book for change strategies and methodologies: "Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World" (Available on Amazon)

Empowerment Institute (Co-created with Gail Straub): empowermentinstitute.net

Peace game and movement website: peace2030.earth


Join us on this enlightening journey towards global peace by tuning in to the full episode of Compassionate Las Vegas - the Podcast. This conversation with David Gershon imparts invaluable wisdom and actions that can lead us toward a collective golden age. Stay engaged with our podcast for more insightful content that enhances our mission of compassion and community transformation.