From Immigrant Roots to Public Service: Shelley Berkley's Inspiring Journey

Season #6

I always felt that every day from the time that my grandparents fled Europe was a gift to me and my family. And what you do with a gift is you pay it forward. - Shelley Berkley

About the Guest:

Shelley Berkley is a renowned figure in public service, with a career spanning over three decades. She has served as a member of the Nevada State Assembly and as a U.S. Congresswoman. In her post-political career, Berkley became the CEO and Senior Provost of Touro University Nevada, playing a pivotal role in the education of the next generation of healthcare providers. Her work includes significant contributions to the Las Vegas community, one of her proudest achievements being her involvement in the establishment of a full-service VA hospital in North Las Vegas. 

Episode Summary:

In this compelling episode of Compassionate Las Vegas, host Will Rucker sits down with Shelley Berkley, a beacon of compassion and public service in Las Vegas. Get ready for an inspiring journey through the lens of a seasoned public servant as she shares her personal philosophies on compassion, community involvement, and the power of hope. The conversation delves deep into the essence of compassion as Berkley defines it: the inherent desire to treat others as we would want to be treated and the active pursuit of lending a hand to those in need. Weaving in stories from her rich family history and her extensive experience in public service, Shelley discusses the role compassion has played in her life and her ongoing commitment to the city of Las Vegas. She explores pressing issues such as homelessness, public safety, and affordable housing, emphasizing the importance of bipartisan efforts and community input in effecting meaningful change.


Tune in to the full episode of "Compassionate Las Vegas" with Will Rucker and guest Shelley Berkley for a deep dive into the impact of compassion on one's approach to public service and the many ways we can contribute to making our communities a better place for all. Stay connected for more episodes that inspire action and foster a world rich in empathy and courageous action.