Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast with Will Rucker

Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast with Will Rucker

Hosted by: Will Rucker

Compassionate Las Vegas - The Podcast is part of the grassroots organization whose mission is to foster the Charter for Compassion and the movement of compassion in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Compassion acts as our...


Compassionate Politics? Is this the time? Interview with Jamal Simmons

Season #1 Episode #6

From President Barack Obama to Pastor T.D. Jakes, Jamal Simmons has served as a trusted advisor at the highest levels and on the most complex situations. While all of our shows feature important topics, today’s show...
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From 9/11 to Vegas 1 October to COVID-19 | How Catherine Scherwenka is helping trauma survivors become STABLE and experience Growth

Season #1 Episode #4

Catherine Scherwenka, a successful entrepreneur, a globally recognized Spiritual/Mental Health and Wellness guide, a workshop facilitator, and a mentor for the youth, has led thousands of people through...
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Compassion Makes Dollars & Sense with Alice Vo Edwards, Data Scientist

Season #1 Episode #5

ALICE VO EDWARDS is a translational psychological scientist who is passionate about using social capital and technologies as levers to increase human thriving.  She is an expert in understanding and aligning employer...
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Compassionate Conversations - The Value of Creating Space and Building a Bigger Table with Jeremy Martin

Season #1 Episode #3

On this episode of Compassionate Las Vegas, we talk about having church at the bar, conversations amongst strangers, political disagreement, and why we all need bigger tables. Jeremy Martin is the founding pastor of...
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Social Justice, Youth Leadership, and the Importance of the Rainbow with Rico Ocampo of Camp Anytown

Season #1 Episode #2

Rico Ocampo was born in Morelos, Mexico and immigrated to United States in 1992. He is an undocumented/DACAmented community organizer and activist. He has engaged in local, statewide, and national platforms to advance...
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Community Transformation Through Compassionate Mindfulness | Dr. Gard Jameson - Episode 001

Season #1 Episode #1

Fear, anger, and anxiety represent qualities of emotional energy at separate us from that which matters most… Every species of life on the planet carries the instinct of security and survival.… What we come to realize...
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